Swell info & Marine buoys weather

Live Buoy Weather

It includes wave size, swell direction and swell period. Some buoys provide weather information, such as wind direction, wind speed, air and water temperature.

iPhone and Apple Watch

Support for iPhone and Apple Watch devices. More to come in the future.


Score the best surf with Notifications. Get alerted when the swell is above a specific wave height. Includes animated GIFs.

Dark Mode Support

iOS 13 introduced a new Dark mode theme. Light or dark, the app will follow your style.


Support for Modular and Graphic Apple Watch Complications. Get real-time wave data displayed at a glance.

Today Widget

Swell info at a glance. Always easily accesible and customizable.

Historic Data Chart

24-hour charts data. Including time, wave size and swell period.

Offline Mode Support

If offline, lastly marine buoys observations will always be available for your main buoy.

Covered Areas

North America (Washington to California, Main to Florida, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, US/Canada Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico), Hawaii, Australia, Europe, Caribbean, Samoa, Guam, Azores.